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About Us

About Us

We believe that everything is possible as long as you have the right people, the right tools and especially the right ideas and spirit!

Online Multi Stores is a family company, which started when a father and son had the idea of selling LED lighting. They believed it was a great product and found the LED world very interesting: LED lighting can always be improved, more energy efficient and it can always be more sustainable. They started the company Online Multi Stores and started their first webshop: Intoled. The webshop grew and grew, and is still growing exponentially as we speak!

LED lighting wasn’t their only interest. Online Multi Stores started another webshop, selling their own brand of male watches: Pacinni. Pacinni was founded with the idea of not only selling unique and exclusive watches which everyone can customize to their own style, but also to raise awareness and money for research on curing diabetes. Selling beautiful watches for a beautiful cause!

After a while, Online Multi Stores saw how smart products were getting more popular over time. With the technical knowledge on LED lighting, it was not a difficult decision to make: let’s start a webshop on smart home products! Smart lighting was already somewhat familiar, so starting a webshop on all things smart seemed like a logical step. This is Homeylux came to existence. Homeylux is an own smart products brand, which are all controllable over the Homeylux App. With Homeylux the focus is on the consumers’ home experience, with the goal of making life as easy, comfortable and fun as possible.

Online Multi Stores is always looking for more opportunities of selling products which can improve someone’s everyday life. This can be in any way or form, there is no limit!


Our mission is to sell only own manufactured products of our own brands. Our goal is to gain brand awareness and brand recognition for our brands, firstly all over Europe, then worldwide.

On INTOLED we are already on our way of only selling HOFTRONIC products, our own brand in LED lighting. The same goes for our shop Homeylux. Our goal is to always be able to offer the best products to our customers, regarding quality, pricing and services.
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